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Why Coat Radiators, Intercoolers, Oil Coolers And Casings?

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Aluminium, the most commonly used metal to fabricate radiators and coolers oxidises when exposed to the atmosphere. Aluminium oxide is a thermal barrier so the cooling efficiency is reduced. Painting the metal with a black paint stops oxidation but paint is also a thermal barrier.

Camcoat's TLTD thermal dispersant coating is specifically formulated to prevent corrosion but at the same time increase the amount of heat rejected from the metal by up to 20%. A win-win situation.


The improved rate of heat rejection obtained with the TLTD thermal dispersant coating is also of great benefit when applied to engine, gearbox and differential casings. On motorcycle engines the coating is like a factory finish with lasting good looks.

Other options are for Camcoat to polish the casings and apply a clear anti-corrosion coating or the polished CBC2 finish.

Engine Coating

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