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Why Coat Brake Components?

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The Brakes on racing and rally cars undergo massive heat cycles with discs running red hot under hard breaking conditions.

The heat this generates can boil the brake fluid in the calipers so Camcoat apply the reflective thermal barrier coating CBC2 to deflect the heat away from critical areas. Further reduction in the running temperatures are obtained by coating the caliper surfaces with the TLTD thermal dispersant.


The heat transferred from the red hot disc to the brake pad is reduced by coating the back face with the thermal barrier coating Cermakrome or TLHB.
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The thermal dispersant coating TLTD is used on brake discs and drums to increase the rate of heat dissipation.

It looks good and has excellent corrosion resistance properties.

Guideline pricing for coating brake components
Caliper disc paths (CBC2) from £10 each
Caliper bodies (TLTD) from £30 each
Brake pads (Cermakrome) from £5 each
Brake pads (TLHB) from £4 each
Discs (not working area, TLTD) from £15 each
Brake drums (TLTD outside) from £20 each
Prices exclude VAT and return carriage. Minimum order is £40.


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