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Why Ceramic Coat Exhausts?

Morgan Bagnall Blue Pipe

Camcoat uniquely ceramic coat both the inside and outside of exhaust manifolds to give maximum heat insulation, protection from internal acidic corrosion and for lasting good looks. The hotter exhaust gas improves turbocharger efficiency and activates catalytic converters more quickly.

Exhaust gas temperatures up to 1000˚C inside a thin walled steel manifold can cause these problems:

• Increase in under-bonnet temperature reducing engine inlet air density and power
• Reduced durability of surrounding electrical, hydraulic and mechanical components
• Fuel vapourisation, particularly on carburetted engines
• Driver/rider discomfort
• Heat soak on engine shut down

Camcoat's ceramic exhaust coatings reduce or eliminate these problems and are available to suit all budgets and performance requirements. Choose from the options below:

Racespec Black Satin TurboX Black TurboX Blue Grey Ice Cermakrome
CG Silver CG Cast Iron CG Black CG Titanium CG Stainless Internal Ceramic

We coat new and used exhaust manifolds. Please contact Camcoat for help in selecting the correct coating for any specific application.


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