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Camcoat Performance Coatings, sole European Agent for Tech Line Coatings Inc. for over 20 years, have acquired tremendous experience in polymer coatings. Our core business is the application of polymer ceramic coatings to both internal and external surfaces of exhaust systems to reduce the wasteful radiated heat, improve gas flow and prevent metal corrosion. Exhaust coating performance and lasting good looks explain how we have a loyal customer base of prestige car manufacturers, leading race teams, top aftermarket exhaust manufacturers and retail car/bike enthusiasts.

Click on the manifold icon to see the benefits, colour options and cost guidelines for our ceramic exhaust coatings. We coat new and used exhausts:

Exhaust Coatings

Camcoat also apply polymer coatings for thermal insualtion, heat dissipation, improved corrosion/wear resistance and lubrication on a wide range of automotive and industrial components. Click on the relevant link below for more information:

Pistons Engine Parts Brakes
Radiators Industrial Applications Coating Range Summary

Please contact Camcoat for help in selecting the correct coating for any specific application. Click on the Gold Tap Icon for a summary of the main properties of all coatings.

Call us on 01925 445003 • E-mail us at info@camcoat.com

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